Horóscopo de la Semana libra

Semana 20 del 2024
Horóscopo de la Semana libra Libra
Semana 20 del 2024

You'll be called on to make a compromise in a one-on-one partnership as the week begins, but fortunately striking a balance is your personal specialty. Find win/win solutions on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, you'll continue your focus on partnerships and alliances, but others will ask you to intervene in their own affairs. Expect to be thanked (and admired) for your effortless diplomacy. On Friday and on into the weekend, you'll find yourself filled with enthusiasm and plenty of intellectual energy. Have fun batting around big ideas with someone close. On Sunday afternoon or evening, watch out for a disruption in your routine.

Trabajo: Communicate what's going on and you'll be in the clear. No matter how much control you'd like to have over this project, it's always a better idea to keep your superiors informed. That way, if you decide to call in sick on Tuesday or Wednesday (which you might) someone else at the office will have a clue about what's up. On Thursday, some new inspiration will strike you and you'll charge into work with some fairly significant refinements to the general strategy, but, in general, this week is about being in close touch with your colleagues and turning your camaraderie into something of value.

Amor: Money is top of mind on Monday. You're in an acquisitive mood, but be sure not to prioritize objects over people or, likewise, to think of love as something you can acquire like anything else. Tuesday and Wednesday, your friends deserve your full attention; shower them with your love. Thursday and Friday find you underwater, feelings-wise, as the memory of someone from your past is having an odd effect on you. A present-tense love interest captures your heart this weekend and sets you thinking along happier lines.

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