Horóscopo de la Semana acuario

Semana 20 del 2024
Horóscopo de la Semana acuario Acuario
Semana 20 del 2024

The week begins on an altruistic note for you. On Monday and Tuesday, you'll find plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand, and what goes around will surely come around. On Wednesday and Thursday, boredom could get the best of you if you're not careful. Find creative ways to mix things up, even if it's just swapping strange stories with friends. Starting on Friday and on into the weekend, the spotlight is on you! You're positively magnetic right now, and what you might consider a mere intellectual connection could turn into something much more. On Sunday afternoon and evening, get focused and keep your cool.

Trabajo: So many doors are opening for you on Monday. You thought you'd have to do a lot more convincing to get what you want. Instead, you have carte blanche, which means you're going to have to be disciplined about how you proceed. Don't shoot blanks into the dark. Spend the middle of the week being as precise and logical as possible. You'll be amazed how much you get done. Keep your head down and don't expect any rewards until Thursday afternoon or Friday, when praise and happiness and bonus cash will likely fall upon you. A warning: don't rush out and spend that cash right away.

Amor: Don't set unrealistic expectations for Monday. Feeling emotionally exposed, you won't be in a position to solve the world energy crisis or cure diseases. Find a way to be socially useful in an anonymous way and you will be happy. Tuesday and Wednesday are more jubilant days. The people you meet are fantastical and articulate and inspire the best in you. Thursday and Friday, as much as you'd like to hit the town, you're tired, something you shouldn't fight. You'll have energy to burn this weekend, and someone smoking hot will be involved in your plans.

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