Horóscopo de la Semana geminis

Semana 20 del 2024
Horóscopo de la Semana geminis Géminis
Semana 20 del 2024

Take the initiative as the week begins. You're a dynamo on Monday and Tuesday, able to communicate quickly and come up with new plans on the fly (with a little help from your friends, of course). On Wednesday and Thursday, you'll need to drop your speed back down to a relaxing coast. Unexpected obstacles could block your way, but some patience and mental maneuvering should see you through. On Friday and on through the weekend, expect to have amazing amounts of energy. You'll be doing what you love (meeting lots of new people and trying lots of new things) and the world will bend to your every whim.

Trabajo: Your righthand person is at your side on Monday. The two of you are ready to take the professional world by storm. Your success these days has everything to do with the strength of the relationships you've built. Midweek, you may start to feel insecure about the direction you're heading in, but that's only because, with so many other people in the picture, there are a ton of unknown variables. Try to nail down some of those variables. And, at the end of the week, try looking at everything from someone else's perspective. You'll be amazed by what you discover.

Amor: As much as you'd like to focus on you-know-who, you need to focus on yourself, and your health, on Monday. You can focus on your special someone on Tuesday and Wednesday. (If you're coupled up, these will be romantic days; if you're pining for someone, expect the pining to reach its peak.) Thursday and Friday, a hidden agenda is operating just below the surface of things. In an attempt to bring it out, you may initiate a very involved conversation. By Saturday afternoon or Sunday, your feelings toward this person may change radically.

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